The current way of matching dietitians with nursing homes is not working. 

So we created a better solution.

You can’t find a dietitian, and an auditor could walk through literally any minute.

We know you want to want to show up to work and have it all under control. But the current way of filling dietitian positions is not working.

There simply aren’t enough available licensed dietitians to fill all the vacancies, especially in rural areas.

At DietStaff, we believe that it shouldn’t be this complicated to hire, or keep, a dietitian. All nursing homes should have regular access to a dietitian.

After working as a dietitian for the past seven years, our founder, Paul Piepenbrok, saw how often administrators struggled with staffing, especially when it comes to finding a qualified dietitian. 

During COVID, he began working with facilities remotely, out of necessity. Paul discovered that, by using common technology, “I could monitor residents’ dietary needs and consult with kitchen staff just as effectively as I could in person. The remote arrangement was a huge benefit for the nursing homes and for me.” 

Based on this realization, DietStaff was born.

By connecting long term care facilities with dietitians who work remotely, we can ensure every nursing home has access to a dietitian, no matter where the facility is located. 

So put down that extra-strong cup of coffee and log off the job boards. Schedule a call with DietStaff instead. You’ll be on your way to less stress, healthier patients, and better audit scores. 

You shouldn’t struggle to meet the requirements of your job because of a lack of available dietitians. You deserve a system that actually works. 

DietStaff can match your facility with a dietitian quickly so that you can stop losing sleep over staffing and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is being done right.

If you’re a nursing home administrator in Texas:

If you’re a
Texas-licensed dietitian:

Stop Stressing Over Staffing

Check “find a dietitian” off of your to-do list.

DietStaff can:

Match facilities with Texas licensed dietitians

Fill remote or in-person roles

Meet short-term or long-term staffing needs

Provide the necessary technology and training

Support dietitians and nursing home managers

Connecting dietitians with nursing homes.