Connecting Nursing Homes With Dietitians.

Giving residents the care they deserve. 

Approach State Audits with Confidence


Ditch the Job Boards


Provide Quality Care for Residents

It shouldn’t be this hard to find (or keep) a dietitian…

Many nursing home administrators struggle to fill their dietitian role. This leaves you:

Dreading those “thrilling” surprise state audits.

Worrying about work long after you’ve clocked out for the day.

Wasting hours on job boards searching for a dietitian.

At risk for tense “chats” with your boss.

Over-caffeinated and under-vacationed.

DietStaff can meet all of your dietitian needs with our in-person and remote staff

Dietitians for the entire state

Yes, even for hard-to-serve, rural locations

We have a pool of available, licensed dietitians ready to fill your opening. Many of our dietitians work virtually, so the question “Your facility is located, where?!” won’t be a deal breaker anymore.

Fast Placement

For when you need a dietitian like, yesterday!

You don’t have a minute to waste. You’re holding everything together with your scrappy innovation and a potentially unhealthy amount of coffee. We work to fill your vacancy quickly so you have one less crisis to manage.

Audit-Ready Experts 

You’ll be ready for your close up.

Our dietitians can meet all of the state requirements, even those working remotely. They check every box so you can shine, like the in-control nursing home administrator  you are.

Quality Care for Residents

Because they deserve it.

It’s such a helpless feeling when residents develop dietary issues and there is no one to turn to for help. With DietStaff dietitians, help is always just a phone call away. 

You and your residents deserve a better, faster staffing solution.

In my seven years working as a dietitian, I’ve watched every administrator — from large facilities to small ones, urban areas to rural — struggle with staffing.

It shouldn’t be impossible to find a dietitian. 

When residents begin to lose weight or have wounds that won’t heal right, you need an expert to turn to so that your team can provide the individualized care they deserve.

Yet, all too often, you are left to navigate those situations on your own because there are simply no dietitians available to fill your vacancy. Our current system is failing you and your residents.

That’s why we built a better way: a service that connects Texas nursing homes with state-licensed dietitians who can monitor your residents’ dietary needs remotely or in-person.


Does working with a remote dietitian meet state requirements?

I see you raising your eyebrow as you ask this question. It’s smart to be skeptical. Trying something new can feel risky, and this might sound a little too good to be true.

The Texas Administrative Code does not say that dietitian consultations need to happen in person.

All of the dietitian’s responsibilities — from supervising the kitchen to 1-1 clinical care — can be done effectively without in-person visits.

To make our visits effective, we send a tablet to each nursing home facility. We designate a specific contact person within the facility to coordinate the virtual dietitian visits. During the visit, the contact person manages the video call, takes the dietitian to see residents and into the kitchen to talk with the Dietary Manager.

During COVID, many facilities used this technology to conduct dietitian visits out of necessity. We can continue using these tools to make dietitians accessible to all facilities in Texas, even in the most remote areas.

You’re a phone call away from hiring a dietitian.

Follow these three simple steps.


Contact Us

We will chat over the phone or video call so that we can understand your specific dietitian needs and answer all of your questions.


Meet your Dietitian

We’ll match you with someone from our pool of state-licensed dietitians looking for in-person and remote opportunities.


Deliver Quality Care

Your residents will receive top-notch care while your facility stays in compliance with all state regulations.

Most nursing home administrators struggle to hire dietitians. At DietStaff, we quickly match nursing homes with licensed dietitians, who work in person or remotely. You can have the staff you need and give your residents the care they deserve.

Don’t go another day without a dietitian.